Infra Red Safety

The infra red photocell safety you may see banded around on various door types can be misleading.

Infra red safety beams are a device used to put a single beam across a door way which when broken by an obstruction prevents any electric operator from working. They have been around for years and are used in many different types of doors, especially commercially in public places.

For a garage door where extra safety might be required, for example if it is near a busy public path, or if you have a small children, then an infra red beam, correctly positioned, adds an extra element of safety in prevention of door closure when the beam is obstructed. The beam on it own is not sufficient as it only detects an obstruction assuming the obstruction cannot straddle or go under the beam, maybe on a large 4 x 4 vehicle for example where the vehicle body height may be higher than the beam position.


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