FAQ: Do I Need A Lock On My Garage Door?

If an electric door opener has been installed on your door, it may not be required to have a lock. Properly installed, electric openers can be used as the lock, making it improbable that an intruder would be able to lift the garage door from the outside. If you have an older opener, check to see if your door can be lifted from the outside.
 We would discourage anyone from installing  a lock when an electric door opener is already in use, because too frequently, a child or other family member will accidentally lock the door. If someone then tries to open the door using the electric opener, the opener will pull against the lock causing the door to be damaged. If no opener is installed on your garage door, a lock is highly recommended, to keep you and your property safe.opener.jpg | Garage Doors Bournemouth | VB Garagedoors

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