Can I Use an Electric Opener for my Garage Door?

In most cases the answer is yes but there are some doors that simply sill not work properly or safely.
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If you have a garage door that was manufactured in the last 2 years and is an up and over, sectional or side hinged mechanism then you can almost guarantee it can be made into a remote control operated door. Anything older than 2 years then you will have to check the manufacturer specifications  says about the make and model of the garage door. As there are some doors that simply won’t operate properly whatever accessories are used.

For any sectional type garage door the addition of an electric opener is very simple, by adding a ‘boom’ type opener above the door you will be able to operate this door type with ease. Of course as with any of the doors types additional headroom is required to accommodate the electric opener ‘boom’ and also the motor head section at the back end. Generally to have a modern European manufactured electric opener you will need about 50mm-75mm above the highest point of the top section of the door panel when half opened.


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