The Different Types Of Electric Opener Drive Mechanisms

Garage Doors Poole: Drive Mechanisms


Belt Drive | Garage Door Poole | VB Garage DoorsThe quietest, and by that account, costliest drive options, the belt drive’s Kevlar polymer body is molded into nubby teeth on one side. These rotate through a gear on the operator top to pull the trolley.



Chain Drive | Garage Door Poole | VB Garage DoorsThe cheapest, oldest, and loudest technology, the bike-chain style chain sits slightly slack when the door is open—at least 2cm above the bottom of the T-rail. The chain makes a racket, but maybe that’s a good thing if someones trying to break in or sneak out.


Screw Drive | Garage Door Poole | VB Garage DoorsA continuous threaded shaft connects the operator to the trolley, and its arm reaches for the door. Its threads require biannual lubrication with silicone, and it wears out the trolley more quickly than the other options. This is the middle option for price and noise level.


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