Automatic Garage Doors: Are They Really Safe?

Garage Doors Poole: Automatic Garage Doors: Are They Really Safe?

We all take garage doors for granted as safe and secure while in most cases that is true. However, automatic garage doors can open up security holes which can affect your safety and those who live around you, but as long as you are aware of them you can be vigilant and combat against those security holes.

One of the biggest risks with automated garage doors is that they are operated by remote control. Aside from the risk of keeping the opener in the car so that upon your return you can open up automatically, if your car has been broken into or stolen they’ll have instant access to your garage and possibly your home.

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Additionally there are now ways for thieves to duplicate the signal code for the opener. You can combat this by using a rolling code system, where you are not using the same code all the time.


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