Garage Doors Southampton – Tip 4: Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are a vital part of installing a garage door.  Background: safety sensors are attached to the rails on which the garage door rolls up and down, and it is about six inches from the ground.

It has the function of reversing the direction of a garage door when a person, especially a child, or an animal moves beneath it while it is closing.

This will ensure that nothing and no one gets injured, and also cut costs in that area should someone get hurt.  You can even test it at home, by placing a broom or a toy beneath it to see if it reverses.

Tip 3: Think Twice About Self-Installation

It is true that you save money by installing the door yourself, and even if it your type of hobby, it is one that certainly does not have a big payoff.  Why?  Well, there are a lot of parts to build this door, and it will take you, at least, 24 hours to put it all together.  You might not have the necessary skills to pull it off.  Also, winding the spring needs a lot of special equipment, and a lot of physical strength, and this all is rather dangerous.  If you hire a professional to install the door for you, the job will be done a lot quicker – as little as four hours – and you will have someone to call on when, and if, there is an issue.